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The whiskey hating Carrie Nation Comes to Parkersburg WV

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The whiskey hating Carrie Nation Comes to Parkersburg


Carrie Nation


Van' Winkle Hotel

During the 1900s one woman stood firm in her beliefs to do away with liquor and traveled from town to town sharing her views. That woman was Carrie Nation. Often called the "whiskey hating Carrie Nation " she arrived in Parkersburg at the Silver Dollar Saloon during November of 1901 to verbally state her drinking views. Ms. Nation arrived in Parkersburg after leaving Marietta and wasn't pleased with her first impression. Ms. Nation was highly insulted because the Van' Winkle Hotel at which she stopped had an ad joining bar. She refused to stay there and went to a hotel located on Sixth Street.

Although Ms. Nation never carried out any "hatchet" destroying activities in Parkersburg she did continue to speak against liquor and its effects. During the day of her lecture Ms. Nation spent the morning walking from store to store talking with residents of Parkersburg. It was stated in a Sesquicentennial edition of 1971 Ms. Nation was very pleasant and spoke of her lecture that evening and what she hoped to accomplish. In. the article it was stated Ms. Nation enjoyed traveling and spreading her ideas at lectures which she said were always well attended.

Ms. Nation was described as being a rather large woman very neatly dressed and wearing a black dress with a cape and a little black bonnet. The newspaper story explains Ms. Nation's intent to continue preaching her opposing ideas against alcohol. Her aim in life is to convince people of those views. The story said during her stay she spent an evening dining with Samuel Johnson who lived on 13th Street. His mother was a friend of hers and a teacher at a university where Ms. Nation attended. After speaking in Parkersburg, Ms. Nation traveled to Kansas City, and from there to Topeka, Kans. 


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